New business cards

I recently received my new deluxe business cards from and I cannot be happier with the result!  I even feel sorry about giving them away

Tyto Alba

I decided to make a new design for the “Mus Musculus” project I created last year.

Tyto alba is the scientific name of barn owls, in case you want to know :) (I hope the name is readable enough on the picture... are you able to read it?)


There is this challenge on social media about drawing a character from another artist using your own style and I couldn’t resist to try. Original characters by Srta. M and Vanesa Izquierdo

Colored pencil experiment

I found a few sheets from this textured paper at home and decided to experiment with it.   It was a long time since I used this kind of paper and I think color pencils don’t look bad on it.

Random animals

I’m in love with (almost) every animal and they are one of my most important inspirations. Little sample of it:

Some girls

I always draw girls when I feel like drawing but I don’t want to think too much